Friday, March 12, 2010

Rains-a-comin' !!!!

Rains a comin!!! That might be the biggest overstatement of the year, actually. The rain came for a half an hour and it was in American terms, "sprinkling". Not enough to replenish my water source but it was a nice sight to see anyway.

In other news, Amyys has befriended a male cat. I was worried for a second there that he had a multitude of girlfriends that have been coming to my porch every morning. I thought, well, it appears he really is a Lucian male. :P This one though has the same markings as Amyys and he behaves in the same manners. He meows too much though. Amyys is quiet compared to him. I have named him "Siren" because of this. I thought he would be gone this morningafter spending all night outside on the porch but much to my surprise he was still there. I may have unknowingly taken in another male cat. Uh-oh. This might give him a little preparation of getting used to cats when I introduce him to the cats I have back in the states.

Yesterday I decided to invest in a new pair of volleyball shoes. I have gone through an amazing amount of tennis shoes here. I don't know what it is exactly but the soles of the shoes keep coming right off. I find myself slipping back and forth here and there all around the court. After the tournament on Sunday, I just realized I don't want to deal with it anymore. The last thing I want is an injury from rotten shoes. Geez. The shoes are most likely going to cost around 200ec...pretty pricey for us little PCVs. I might just be bankrupt after this purchase.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here and now

A PCRV recently told me that I should start writing more as my service is winding down..and not for other people but for myself so that I can remember things when I leave. I think that this is a good idea. So if things don't make sense to some of you reading this, well, deal with it. It has now become more of my personal memory bank than anything else.

Last week we held a Peace Corps Exhibition. It involved months and months of planning but it finally materialized. I was coordinating the event and in the end, it was worth it. I was skeptical about how it would turn out. Up until two hours into the event I was nervously sweating at the outcome. We planned for stations, activities, and displays. Things got complicated as we hadto plan out all of the little details. Brian, another PCV, was a great help with all of the little details. He thought about things that I overlooked, such as would there be water at the venue the day of the event when we are smack-dad right in the middle of a drought?

We had a schedule for the event that was very full. When it came to the morning of the event, we had a few flies in the mud, but nothing too big. First off, the town hall double booked the venue for the day. Thank god we got there ten minutes before the other group, otherwise we would have been out of a venue! The other event was supposed to be a fashion show try-out. The apparently needed the stage. We felt bad, but hey, the show must go on. They ended up using the upstairs for their event and we used the open space.

After setting everything up, we made a coffee run and then opened the doors. For the first hour there was hardly anyone there. We made the schedule flexible and held off on the welcome address (of which was televised) and the trivia. Once people started filing in, we started the activities. There were plenty of interviews that were also televised. It was good publicity for the Peace Corps.

I'm glad that that is over so now I can have a somewhat clearer schedule. Someone recently told me I should slow down and enjoy the rest of my service, and that is exactly what I am going to attempt to be doing. I didn't get much rest after the event, as we went out for drinks to celebrate at "The Lookout" (one of my new favorite places to go for a drink- it's got an incredible view of the Castries basin and the vibe is good). We attempted to give one of the new response volunteers a "tour" of rodney bay afterwards, but since it is Lent, it was pretty dead. So we went back to my place after a few Pitons and slept til I had to leave for my volleyball tournament the next morning. Ah, those twin size mattresses I have and the foam chair pads to sleep on are just miraculous for your back. Not to mention, I only have one pillow so the other volunteers had to deal without. They say PCVs can sleep anywhere, anytime, and anyhow. Try sleeping by me and you might change your mind.

This weekend is looking like some relaxation is going to come into play. Since I have been so busy with work I have been very much out of the loop with the volunteers. I am hoping to somehow get back into the loop, if that is how you can say it. So tomorrow I am looking at taking the day to the beach. I need to shift my energies and rejuvenate. I've been feeling a little blah and need a little pick me up day. Saturday will be beach day too. Yep, that's right people, two beach days in a jealous? Well I have been working my butt off lately and I need it. Beach, beach, here I come. Let's just hope I can work on this uneven tanning thing I have going. My arms and my legs are a much different shade than the rest of me because I never have beach days and that's really the only part of me that ever sees the sun. I might have to put out a press release for people to wear sunglasses this weekend so they don't get blinded. (A lot of St. Lucians don't wear sunglasses ever). So here's to rest and rejuvenation.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hamper project

Last month we held our second hamper project for Club 60. It went off very well yet again. We decorated the room with blue, yellow, black and white St. Lucian colors. The presentation went flawless and the elders were ecstatic with household goods to take home. All in all, another good day at Grow Well.

Derek Walcott at my work

Volleyball tournament link

On Saturday I participated in an Independence Day volleyball tournament. My team, DSP, came in third. We played well but I was hoping for the win. Next time, Le Club, it's on.

The drought of 2010

We have not received measurable rain since January 31st, 2010. It has been almost a month and a half since we had even an inch of rain on the entire island.

For me, it has been longer. In the north of the island it hasn't rained for nearly 2 months now. I was lucky enough to have water from Thursday to Monday morning, but I was without water for almost a month and a half with the allowance of a few hours here and there. Those hours also happened to be during the day while I was at work so I was not at the benefit of receiving the water to use.

It has been all bucket baths for me since the beginning of the year. I think I am officially a professional at using less than one litre to wash myself with. It's a good thing I have locks otherwise my hair might be very very oily right about now. When it comes to having clothes to wash, well, let's just say my extra room is full. Not with furniture since I only have my one twin size bed, but with clothes that need to be washed when the drought is over. I have managed to plan a conservation schedule of my clothes. I have to wear the same skirt or pants three times during the week, air them out every night and then run water over them for the next week. At the end of two weeks, well, I wash them fully. For those of you not in the PC, or never have been, you may be saying gross. In actuality, this is just something I have to do to deal.

Water is so much taken advantage of in the states. I would like to say that I was not one of those people that used too much water, but I admit I was one to leave the sink on when I am brushing my teeth or washing the dishes. Coming to St. Lucia has really forced me to examine my water use and take into consideration others' as well. With 8 people in my apartment building and only one small tank for all of us, I have to be very conservative. But hey, I deal.

Drought emergency officially declared in St Lucia

SOURCE: Caribbean360
Castries : Saint Lucia | 12 days ago
St Lucia, February 25, 2010 – The St Lucia government has declared a water-related state of emergency which went into effect yesterday, amidst a prolonged drought that has also affected other Caribbean countries. The move is aimed at managing and protecting the island’s potable water supply...