Sunday, May 23, 2010

SLU DSP Volleyball

Well beach volleyball has pretty much taken up all of my spare time aside from work for the last few months... It has been some good training and preparing. My partner and I won 2nd place in the LIME/SLVBA tournament two weekends ago and a few of us are now preparing for the regional tournament next weekend. Exciting! I still have quite a few things to learn out on the sand, but I am really starting to love playing beach. Somehow it has pushed court volleyball further from my heart and taken over. :D Now I just need to start training harder and getting back into real shape. Time.

Ode to Carnival- the case of the real you

ODE to Carnival :

There once was a girl
that was just like a pearl
all shiny and sweet
from her, men eh never get any treat.

This girl wanted to dress up in satin and lace
and even put some paint on her face.
Her mother told her to keep it clean
Her pastor told her she was still just a teen.

Her father told her to wear them tights
and her boyfriend gave her just a few frights.
But when she heard the loud music so
Her hips starting rocking to and fro.

The boys on the block watched her slow wine
the girls even thought she was looking so fine.
Her movements were steady and slow to the touch
but eventually the rum got a little too much.

Her eyes were looking tight and dreary
her hair was looking sloppy and scary.
Her backside was starting to slouch
all she needed now was a couch.

She started to speak and couldn't say a word
but she could swear she was flying high as a bird.
Her smile got crooked and legs started to ease
And all of this just to be a tease.

Her clothes started falling off to the ground
all of this with all of Castries around.
She had a secret though you see
that there is something the boys couldn't free.

She was wearing a push up bra and a backside panty
everyone thought she was looking like candy.
When her bra fell of she was flopping like a slipper
and her backside was dropping just like a flipper.

So you see this pearl was really a stone
One that you might find all alone
Carnival costumes are sweet how they are
so girls don't be stretching too far.
Just be yourself- the real you is always up to par.