Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The drought of 2010

We have not received measurable rain since January 31st, 2010. It has been almost a month and a half since we had even an inch of rain on the entire island.

For me, it has been longer. In the north of the island it hasn't rained for nearly 2 months now. I was lucky enough to have water from Thursday to Monday morning, but I was without water for almost a month and a half with the allowance of a few hours here and there. Those hours also happened to be during the day while I was at work so I was not at the benefit of receiving the water to use.

It has been all bucket baths for me since the beginning of the year. I think I am officially a professional at using less than one litre to wash myself with. It's a good thing I have locks otherwise my hair might be very very oily right about now. When it comes to having clothes to wash, well, let's just say my extra room is full. Not with furniture since I only have my one twin size bed, but with clothes that need to be washed when the drought is over. I have managed to plan a conservation schedule of my clothes. I have to wear the same skirt or pants three times during the week, air them out every night and then run water over them for the next week. At the end of two weeks, well, I wash them fully. For those of you not in the PC, or never have been, you may be saying gross. In actuality, this is just something I have to do to deal.

Water is so much taken advantage of in the states. I would like to say that I was not one of those people that used too much water, but I admit I was one to leave the sink on when I am brushing my teeth or washing the dishes. Coming to St. Lucia has really forced me to examine my water use and take into consideration others' as well. With 8 people in my apartment building and only one small tank for all of us, I have to be very conservative. But hey, I deal.

Drought emergency officially declared in St Lucia

SOURCE: Caribbean360
Castries : Saint Lucia | 12 days ago
St Lucia, February 25, 2010 – The St Lucia government has declared a water-related state of emergency which went into effect yesterday, amidst a prolonged drought that has also affected other Caribbean countries. The move is aimed at managing and protecting the island’s potable water supply...

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Al Jewels said...

Dave's advice to continue writing is a sensible one for transcending the inevitable transition. And for followers who admire your courage and vitality-if only via the essence of your succinct narrative.
Enjoy Reduit Beach now callled Rodney Bay-you deserve it-and more.
Here is an addenum that is sort of like a 'piece de resistance' to the natural splendor of St.Lucia.
A ferry ride to Dominica, with visits to Emerald Falls, Indigenous Reservation, Londonderry Beach, North East regional high school, Trafalgar Falls.
Culturally, the islands are akin to twin siblings, however, as a holistic naturalist, you may welcome Dominica's Nature Island wholesomeness. Nevertheless, St.Lucia's more urbanesque vistas complement Dominica's minaturized semblance to the Pacific Northwest-outdoors.
Thanks for sharing et vivre mon cher.