Friday, March 12, 2010

Rains-a-comin' !!!!

Rains a comin!!! That might be the biggest overstatement of the year, actually. The rain came for a half an hour and it was in American terms, "sprinkling". Not enough to replenish my water source but it was a nice sight to see anyway.

In other news, Amyys has befriended a male cat. I was worried for a second there that he had a multitude of girlfriends that have been coming to my porch every morning. I thought, well, it appears he really is a Lucian male. :P This one though has the same markings as Amyys and he behaves in the same manners. He meows too much though. Amyys is quiet compared to him. I have named him "Siren" because of this. I thought he would be gone this morningafter spending all night outside on the porch but much to my surprise he was still there. I may have unknowingly taken in another male cat. Uh-oh. This might give him a little preparation of getting used to cats when I introduce him to the cats I have back in the states.

Yesterday I decided to invest in a new pair of volleyball shoes. I have gone through an amazing amount of tennis shoes here. I don't know what it is exactly but the soles of the shoes keep coming right off. I find myself slipping back and forth here and there all around the court. After the tournament on Sunday, I just realized I don't want to deal with it anymore. The last thing I want is an injury from rotten shoes. Geez. The shoes are most likely going to cost around 200ec...pretty pricey for us little PCVs. I might just be bankrupt after this purchase.

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