Monday, September 21, 2009

A few random things I haven't told you about St. Lucia

1. Public urination is an everyday sight. No one thinks it out of the ordinary when there is a man in town peeing on the town hall building.

2. Lucian dogs could quite possibly be hornier than the men. On average, I see 3.7 dogs humping another dog per day. Sometimes they have group orgies. I saw one this morning at 7:30 am.

3. They only have escalators going up. Never down.

4. The bank machines take back your money after 5 seconds and you cannot access the money again until the next working day. The next working day implies a week from then. Not so good for PCVs when rent is due.

5. There are often too many people working at a given store. Many of which are just there for security purposes.

6. When you have locks and a female, you are automatically an empress. :D

7. Soy milk is often cheaper than regular milk.

8. You typically only eat one meal on a Sunday.

9. "Julie" mangos are quite possibly the best thing on this planet; and I get to eat a ton!

10. The macheneel tree is everywhere in St. Lucia. One of the most poisonous trees on this planet. The leaves alone will leave your skin burning for days.

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