Monday, September 21, 2009

I Am Metricized!

I went to an Anger Management workshop with the CARE programme in Castries last Friday at the Presentation Brothers house. I was expecting quite the bulk of the work we discussed to be on anger management, however, the first half of the workshop for that day happened to be regarding metricizing St. Lucia. What?!?! Why?!?! Okay, so I found out the schools are in need of changing their systems to the metric from the prior used, imperial system; but still!

So after three hours of sitting in a chair I successfully know how to convert my weight in the metric system. Congratulations me! I also have a nice mug reminding me to metricize that I can add to my lonely little cupboard at home. In addition, I have a new pencil, ruler, and bottle opener. The bottle opener has already come in handy when the bartender at Happy Day bar couldn't find his. I told him, "Don't forget to metricize!"

Metric system conversions:

1 g = .004 oz
453.59g = 1 lb
1kg= 2.2 lbs

1cm= .39 inches
2.54 cm =1 inch
1 km= .62 mile

1 mL= .035 fl oz.
1 L= .88 qt

0 degrees C = 32 degrees F
27 C = 80.6 F

So, I am 56.5 kg.

Ode to Metricizing:

Oh, my darling metric system, my dear
It's often you, too much we fear.
We know the pound and the mile so very well,
That what a kg or a km is we really can't tell.

Your conversions are set to a "tee",
I'm not sure if they really quite fit me.
I'm willing to try and use you often,
but I can't promise you anything; not now not then.

When I am running or flying I am going to be slow,
Almost the time that it takes to make dough.
You will be used for sure when I am shopping,
perhaps from time to time even when I am mopping.

St. Lucia needs you to import and export,
Whether it may be for food or another sort.
You are needed in bottles, bags and also cans,
And apparently you have more than your fair share of fans.

For now, I have no choice here,
but to put up with you, my dear.
If ever you grow old and tiring to me,
You'll be out of my life so quickly you see!

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Anonymous said...

Now you're up with the Nurses, Doctors, Labratories, etc......