Monday, September 21, 2009

A washing machine and two TVs

After a year and a half handwashing my clothes, I have received a little blessing from the sky!
When I say the sky, I am referring to my landlord that lives in one of the apartments above me. He was gracious enough to bring a washing machine down for me!!!! Woohooo!!!! On the same day, I was awarded not one, but TWO tvs from my neighbor below me who is moving to Cuba tomorrow. Aside from the fact that I have no cable, I am pretty much set! No use for the tvs as of yet, but I am half way there! I will admit, I like not having tv or internet in my home most of the time. It helps me to get other things done; like drawing, reading, etc..

Oh, did I tell you that I finally moved? Let's just say: I am 100x more comfortable in my place now than I have been for the last year living in my last apartment. I was constantly avoiding going home and always felt too overwhelmed with the stress of issues with my landlord to get anything else done when I was home. Now that I am into a better fit, I am finding myself getting more things accomplished and generally loving my home life much, much more.

I thought life in Castries would be much worse. Besides the 200 dollars in transportation costs, it really isn't that bad. I live in an actual community neighborhood, my neighbors actually talk to each other, and I don't have to unlock a stupid gate everytime I have a guest come over. Oh, and I can actually have guests over with my water not being turned off! My last place was very luxurious, sure...but that doesn't always make for a good life. A good life is having fresh juice made from the neighbor above you, being able to have a friend over for coffee without hesitation, and wanting to go home to relax. One suggestion for the PC from now on: never put a PCV in a "community" with the name "Heights" in good of a "deal" as it sounds.

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