Friday, June 19, 2009

Visiting Seattle 09: Part 2: Best of Friends time!

Me at Greenlake embracing the sunshine!

While being in Seattle, I got the quality time that I wanted with family and my best friends. It was nice to just spend the time with the closest of my friends. Sorry I didn't tell most of you that I was going to be home. I only had two weeks, and I wanted to spend the majority of it with my family.


Me and Jay hanging out at Greenlake.

One of the first outings, besides the Benveridge Place Pub, was to Greenlake with Jay. Greenlake is a 3 mile around lake in the area nearby I used to live for the majority of my independent life. Greenlake offers rollerblading, tennis, running, football, plenty of good sites and opportunities to talk to people. I love it! Plus, it is always beautiful; in sunshine, rain, snow, and sleet.

Let's just say, I got to "stop and smell the tulips".

I picked Jay up to go with me to the DOL to get my license renewed. Luckily, he had the day off and I got to surprise him by showing up on his front doorstep. I did not have a phone the entire time that I was in Seattle so this happened quite a bit. Anyhow, after a very quick in and out at the DOL, we went to Greenlake for a little walk. We spent the time laughing and catching up. Though, it felt as if I was just hanging out with him two days before. That is how it always feels with the best of friends- like no time has gone by at all!

Jay always manages to brighten my day...AWAHHHH.

Along the walk Jay pretended to be a turtle and said AWAHHHHH a few times, acted like a monkey swinging from a tree in the path and got to be my model for photography. It was a great time. Just what I needed.

Me and Rach (and Spartacus) catching up.

I was fortunate enough to get to spend time with Rachel and Taylor (and Riley and the Spartacus). I went out to dinner with them at a good Mexican restaurant and went straight to Taylor's hockey game. After coming back to St. Lucia, I realized that I have spent too much time in St. Lucian bars and restaurants because I forgot to tip the server! In St. Lucia, most of the bills include the service charge and at the bars, you generally do not have to tip. So, I was pretty embarassed to figure out that I totally just forgot to leave anything for this woman. It was good, fast service too. Ah well....I was a foreigner that day. Ha ha. At Taylor's hockey game, me and Rach got to catch up a little bit. I became much too excited for the new baby that is kicking around in Rach's belly. So much, I am really sad that I am going to miss his birth!!!

I friggin' love this girl. 100% ourselves with each other.

On the Friday night that I was in town Tessa and I planned to meet up and celebrate her birthday and my visit. It turned out much bigger than planned. I got to see a few close friends and had probably one too many tequila shots. But it was totally worth it. Met a few randoms from around the area. Overall, it was a great night. I woke up in the morning at Tessa's and we had to start planning the next camping trip to my uncle's property that day. Good thing we were all sluggish from the night before. :D

Two of my best friends and I with our other best friend; tequila.
Hey! I'm still in my mid-20s....I've got a couple more good yrs of shots left.

The second camping trip was great too! My uncle has two properties in Eastern Washington. This new one was just as nice as the first one. It has a huge open area for tent camping, an area for a band to play, firepits, horseshoe pits, plenty of drinks available, a river on the edge of the property, and plenty of good company. Every Memorial Day he has a big celebration camp out. There is always a horseshoe competition and a band that plays. This particular year was the first time that we were celebrating it without my uncle, Patrick. He had passed just before I left for the Peace Corps. In honor of him, a good friend made a hand-carved totem pole with some significant markings. A Jack card and a 7 card in honor of his favorite drink, a harmonica in memory of the instrument he played in his band, and a few other nice markings. It was very nice. I think Patrick would love it.

Grandma, Manman, and Bro (and me) with the totem pole.

The band was fantastic, the company was great, and we all had a lot of laughs! We had to go shopping for beer twice, food once, and we finished every ounce of it. Hey, we were out in the middle of nowhere with family and good friends!

Towards the end of my visit, I got to see a friend of mine, that I think is just so fantastic!!! Jacob has a heart of gold and I love the conversations that I get to have with him. I didn't know if I would get the chance to see him for sure, but with the extra day due to a delayed plane ride I got to see him just before I left!
Jacob was camera shy, but I got one anyway!

Nothing more I can ask for besides all of this quality time. It was the slow life...and I enjoyed every second of it.

Oh, Tess!


Kathy Bostwick said...

Auh naturale' is made of the simple things and good natured people...just breath it in!


musicbox said...

awwww man i miss your face! and your hair is sooooo long!---love musicbox aka ayesha