Friday, June 19, 2009

Visiting Seattle 09: Part 3 Family time!


View of downtown Seattle from Interstate 5

When I was back in Seattle for a visit, I was lucky enough to spend a little bit of time with my
family. I was fortunate enough to be able to spend much of my time with one of my best friends, my own brother, Tyson! I didn't realize how much I missed my family until I got to see them again. As I have written about in past blog entries, my family is very unique and very eccentric. I think I love them more because we are not the typical family.

My dad took me out to lunch with my bro
and a family friend...delicious food in a

During the two weeks, I got to do a variety of things. My dad took my brother, me, and Brian to a baseball game at Safeco stadium in Seattle. We had great seats and being back at the stadium was incredible! It was perfect weather and despite the loss, it was a really good time. We had good beer to enjoy, veggies dogs were only 4$ US, and, afterwards, we all had aching abs from laughing so much during the game! I haven't seen my dad act that young for a long, long time!

Safeco field!

My dad lookin' goofy!

My brother and I had a good time at Wal-Mart. Yes, that is right, Wal-Mart. We stayed over at my mom's house for a few days and I had to do a little shopping in preparation to return to St. Lucia. My brother suggested that we go to Starbucks first, which I took him up on/. For some reason, by the time we had our coffee we were cracking up hysterically! By the time we reached Wal-Mart, we were stilll laughing. My brother made it worse when he saw a little house outside and decided to pretend he was a giant in it. Ha ha. Only he would do that! We must have spent about 6 hours inside of Wal-mart because by the time that we left it was dark outside!

It's his new apartment....

During my stay with my mommers, I got some incredible food, got to go play golf (even if it was in the pouring rain), got to share in my grandma's birthday dinner, see some of my other family members, and got to spend quality time with my moms and my dogs and my cats. Topper now resides with Brian and Delilah (Dell) is the office cat at my brother and Dad's drug testing business. It was so good to see Dell looking so happy- a little overfed, Dad- but happy and healthy! My childhood dog, Macaroon, reached 16 years of age and I knew it would be my last time
that I would be seeing her. :( Mac has always been that dog that runs up to you each and every time she sees you. She got to see me grow up through the years, as I did her from the time I was 9.

When I checked my email a week or two later upon returning to St. Lucia, my mom sent me an email to let me know that Mac had passed. She held on to see me one more time, to see my family in whole one more time. I love you, Macarooners!!!

The family camping trip was great! We went to my uncle's property, well one of the two. It is on a river, complete with plenty of camping space, four horseshoe pits, and a space for a live band to play. We celebrated my uncle Patrick by unveiling a totem pole that was made in his memory.

My family is what I have been missing living abroad. Without them around, there is always something missing. Though I am starting to get used to them not being here, I will never be 100% okay with them not being here. My family is my center, and without them I find myself a little inbalanced, at times!

There are many more stories that I have just from the few short weeks I spent back in Seattle, but I will save that for the book!

My crazy bro lookin' fresh!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Haley for being you and you lots,

Anonymous said...

To Tyson, my favorite son, you're too cool, glad you got some sis and bro time...