Friday, June 19, 2009

Visitng Seattle 09: Part 1 Lake Crescent

Overjoyed being outdoors in the Northwest!

Last month, I decided to use my moms' valuable offer to buy me a ticket back to Seattle for a visit. It was a completely spontaneous decision to go when I did, but it worked out perfectly. Despite the last minute timing and arrangements of where I was going to stay and who was going to pick me up everything turned out exactly how I would have planned it were I given two years notice.

First, I was picked up by my best friend and favorite person, Brian. Though he has been to St. Lucia for a visit since I left, I still felt as if I hadn't seen him in years! I guess that is how it feels when you don't have the people you really care about in your everyday life. After my flight was delayed an hour and a half from waiting for the caterers to bring the right trays on the plane (while we were sitting in our seats), I was still in a good mood regardless.

If the Peace Corps has given me any gift, it would be the gift of patience and more flexibility.

I had originally thought that I was both patient and flexible when I lived in the states, but oh, how much more I am now. Thank you, PC.

Anyhow, while on the plane I was listening to others around me moaning and groaning about the delay and I could not help but laugh. What good is it going to make by complaining about something that you cannot control??? I ask myself this every single day of my PC service. There are so many things in life that I cannot control, and my perspective on the situation can make or break me. I choose to stay at ease.

So, to continue on, I was finally off the plane and collecting my bags. I was immediately overwhelmed with all of the people around me. You get so used to a certain way of life that somtimes you forget what it was like before you were in that life! Needless to say, I was wide-eyed and constantly looking around me to take it all in again. After leaving the airport, Brian and I went to one of our favorite bars, The Beveridge Place Pub. I was starving from not eating for the last 24 hours, so we ordered a vegetarian pizza (YUMMMMMY) and ate it while talking with four other friends who met us at the bar. Oh, it was so welcoming to have a GOOD beer in my hand and a slice of good pizza in the other!

After a good night of catching up and laughs, we went home to cool out. I had a great first night back, and little did I know that the rest of the trip would be just as great. The next day, me and Brian packed up the car, loaded the canoe on top, and stopped to grab a few cases of brew at the supermarket. Then we headed on our way to Lake Crescent, on the Peninsula about three hours east of Seattle.

Lake Crescent in the morning.

Lake Crescent is magnificent! The water is so blue and reflective that I was simply mesmorized. We set up the tent at about 11 pm. Seth had been waiting for us to arrive for about five hours. The bridge was closed, so we had to take 3 ferries to get to our destination. I was overjoyed! I love ferry rides and getting to play multiple games of cribbage on the way up.

Playing cribbage at the local ferry bar.

While the boys were scuba diving, I took a nice little hike through the woods. I came across an abandoned cabin with- get this- an old style can crusher from the 60s. Oh man, was I excited!!! my parents sported one of these at the house I was born in. Sentimental connections to a can crusher...oh, the simplicity of life.

60's can crusher at the cabin....

I was a little hesitant to walk in the cabin for fear that around the corner was a man hiding with a chainsaw who would start walking after me when I sprint out the door and still manage to catch up to me. Yes, I probably have watched one too many horror movies in my life! Regardless, I decided to wait for the boys to come back to the cabin with me to really explore around. :D

Brian and I "odeing" to the cup of rum.....

It was the nearly perfect camping trip to come back to Seattle for. I had a good time sitting around the fire talking with the boys drinking a few beers and having good conversation. On the way back to Seattle from the Lake, we were stuck in a three hour wait due to a fatal car accident. Brian and I met some great, new people in the meantime and gorged on the remaining chips and dip in the car. It was a good time. I love the little moments!


Mrs. Scott said...

I'm bummed that I didn't get a chance to see you when you were in town. I'm glad you had a good visit!

Kathy Bostwick said...

With the ones you love! Looks like a great time had by all!