Friday, June 19, 2009

Little things should freeze the moment

After leaving work one day, I found myself walking into an argument that two women were having near a car. At first, I was immediately wanting to walk briskly past them but I noticed something that made me stop in my tracks.

In the midst of this heated argument, a child was standing right next to his arguing mother, lost in his own world. Rather than listening to this argument, the little boy was busy looking at his reflection in the car door.

Not only was he looking at his reflection, but he was dancing his little heart out! I literally stopped walking and stared. I could not help it! It was the funniest thing I have seen since "Pineapple Express" came out.

This little boy was my refreshment for a week of insanity. The moment I stopped and started laughing; regardless of the arugment that was happening, other people noticed as well. This boy had no idea anything else was going on around him. He did not hear the curse words that came out of his mother's mouth, he did not see me fixated and laughing with my whole heart, and he certainly did not see what happened when the two women realized what was going on.

Yes, in the midst of this argument, the boy had managed to change the entire situation by having fun. The women saw me and the others around looking and laughing, and they could not do anything else but stop fighting and laugh too. I'm not going to say that these women most likely did not continue fighting after I started walking again, but for one moment in time, they stopped on account of one person's actions. An argument was frozen by a 4 year old boy that just wanted to dance with his own reflection. Priceless.


Kathy Bostwick said...

Too cool...I loved it!

Shawn <--> RUJedi said...

Kodak moment if such a thing could be said--perhaps a Norman Rockwell of the West Indies. ^_^