Friday, June 19, 2009

Everyday brings a new blessing

Since the last blog was over a month ago, and was a little intense in emotion and perspective, I am going to stray a little back to the ease.

Yesterday, I was sitting in Grow Well, the NGO that I work with in Gros Islet with a few of the youngsters from around the community. Prior to cooling out with the youngsters, I had my second site visit of my Peace Corps service and as a snack I had made pumpkin pie bread the night before for my colleagues. The recipe that I used was, by far, more than I had needed for the four of us. I had some extra so I decided to share with the boys. After giving them a few slices, they were smiles from ear to ear. Now, I am still uncertain if it was the amount of the sugar that was in the recipe or the fact that they were enjoying our conversation, either way it was a good day.

Now, one minute I was talking about art and the next one of the boys said, "Miss, ______ just said that if you were his age, he would kiss you!!!!" My immediate reaction was to burst into laughs of hysteria, but I really, really, really tried to hold it back from embarassing this kid. Though, it didn't last long when all of a sudden we were all cracking up at the statement. Shortly after that, I said, well if you were 20 years older...we might talk. Then, I hear, "oh my gosh- you're that old?!?!" Now, I have heard this before from kids that are almost still in diapers so I was not surprised to hear it. It was what followed that I could not help but be eternally devoted to working with children...

"Miss, you should have been married a LONG time ago!!!"

Ha ha. Okay, okay, thank you...I'm 25, single, nowhere near marriage, and facebook tells me that I am not going to get married until I am 37 anyway. Facebook is ALWAYS right (ha ha), so now this kid is just rubbing it in.

Maybe other people would have felt bad after this statement, as if someone was telling you that you look "rounder" aka fatter...(Yes, that did happen the day before despite the fact that I have been running every day in the last month). I, however, found this so incredibly refreshing and it really made my day. This 5 year old thinks that I am past my prime of marriage years, whereas, I see myself in the right spot at the right time. I am going to make a valiant effort to call this kid when he is 25 and see if he has been married yet. We'll see then, kid. We'll see then.

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