Friday, November 20, 2009

30 things I want to do in my life

The “30 List”

(Not in any particular order and always subject to change)

1. Have children

2. Work in veterinary medicine or with animals

3. Finish the Peace Corps

4. Marry someone who is my best friend

5. Work in HIV/AIDS

6. Hike part or all of the Appalachian

7. T-shirt non-profit (Fashion for an Action)

8. Own my own coffee shop (Infusion)

9. Be a primary or secondary school teacher

10. Have an art/photography show and sell at least one piece of artwork

11. See 5 ancient monuments

12. Learn to play the guitar

13. Live in a Latin American country

14. Learn to speak another language fluently

15. Be on a reality tv show

16. Travel to Ireland, Africa, India, Costa Rica, and New Zealand

17. Write a book

18. Earn my masters degree

19. Create and lead an outdoors club for youth

20. Work in at least 3 foreign countries

21. Own my own home

22. Learn and compete in ballroom dancing

23. Go bungee jumping over water

24. Learn to really cook

25. Stop biting my nails

26. Be a volleyball coach

27. Take a road trip around the states

28. Work on a cruise ship

29. Take part in a cribbage tournament.

30. Live in the outdoors for a couple of months straight


Shawn <--> RUJedi said...

How many of those things have you already done? How many are in progress? I think it is a great list! Have an awesome time working on it. ^_^

Chip said...

I am in my 60s. Have done many of the things on your list, but plan to do more. Great list. All the best in achieving those goals.