Thursday, September 11, 2008

When life hands you beaches...

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. What if life hands you a beautiful beach or lush scenery? Well, I smile.

As much as I have to do on this island, I am not going to miss out on appreciating the beauty around me. It is amazing that the locals don't stop to look deeply at what they have. It has become a daily part of their routine to pass by the water without taking a second look. So I will have to sacrifice looking like a tourist to stop and smell the waters. My camera has come in handy quite a lot. Thanks again "moms" for the miraculous camera I now have to use here!!!
The other day we had training that involved how we deal with our mental health while we are here. My first step towards dealing with my mental health to remain healthy and sane is to "relish" in all of St. Lucian beauty. Hiking is high on my list when I get the free time, but until then it is the simple things that are going to keep me on track.
It is so hard to wrap up all that I have seen in the last couple of weeks in one blog... so much that I cannot even think of something to write about! Work is going to be interesting. I will be working at a school every week, shadowing with the department of youth and sports, and working with a non-governmental organization that I already find incredble need for in the community. The NGO is one that utilizes the CARE program for kids that have dropped out of primary, or failed the test at the end. These youth are given a second opportunity to learn many of the same school subjects, in addition to largely focusing on human development as a learning tool. Coming from the psychological background, I am all for this learning tool. What I like most about the school and the NGO that I am working with, however, is that they are very much student-centered. This approach is the opposite of the lecture approach, which I have always strayed away from because I believe that most students are participatory learners and need stimulation beyond a lecture or the like.
Beyond the classroom, I have had many different experiences. I have already experienced what it is like being sick in the Caribbean. I have a small cold and yet, it feels as if I cannot breathe because of the heat! They say everyone gets sick in the first month or two so I guess I am lucky that it came earlier than later.
More to come when I can think of what to write! Enjoy the posted pics.

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