Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A few chuckles.

Apparently they have post offices and then there are also mini post offices. Rather than getting your mail delivered, you have to go to the post office and pick up your mail... this is why there is usually mail only once a week in most St. Lucian homes. I found this out today when I tried to buy stamps from the guy at the post office (mini --- actually in the bottom of someone's house)...and he laughed at me. It was my first extended walk on my own, as my family is quite protective over me (so sweet!). I found out there is a tiny little bar across the street from me on the "main" road, I may be going there to get a Piton shortly. Everyone I passed said hello back, in addition to the one boy that asked me where I was looking for... but this time I actually knew. I got called beautiful a lot... woo hoo.

Anyhow, it turns out that walk was for no good, besides getting used to the village. So sorry mom, you won't get your letter sent for another couple of days when I head to the capitol. I haven't had the chance to do much walking around and "integrating", so this is good. I feel as if some of the others are already fully integrated into their communities already and I'm a little behind... but in actuality I have to take a look at how I am at home and compare it to how I am here. In Seattle, I was even a little hesitant to get out there in my new neighborhoods, so I am being understanding of myself and realizing that I will be just in the same spot when I am ready! No need to rush what is bound to happen anyway. As much as I would love to be fully "integrated", I am just going to be me and adapt in the ways in which I adapt.

Opening the bank account yesterday was quite interesting... the St. Lucian concept of customer service is much different than that in Seattle. Man, oh man, I know tons of people in Seattle that would go crazy over the customer service here. I was at the bank for an hour and a half doing what probably would have been a ten minute process were it not for the nice woman multi talking by answering every phone call, talking to her friends who came in, and accomodating to every need that arose while I was sitting there. Supposedly this is just how they do things, and so I couldn't help but just laugh at myself for comparing it to the Seattle "standards". Overall though, the lady did her job well and was very thorough, despite the amount of time.

My host brother made a few chuckles for me last night, as he did something so similar to something my own brother would have done in the states. He was to attend a funeral today and needed a pair of black shoes, but alas, all he had was brown. So he bought some dye and dyed the shoes black... which is a great idea! It is so simple and yet, no one in the states ever thinks about doing those kind of things. It's quite sad actually. Most people would just go out and buy another pair of shoes... SAD. It is amazing how much we take for granted items and ideas at our disposal. Imagine the possibilities! Anyway, he was in such a hurry that it spilt all over the white banisters on the outside porch. My sister and I couldnt help but laugh during this somewhat originally tense and potentially stressful situation! It eventually came off, but I was cracking myself up the whole time watching my host brother dying his shoes, and imagining my brother doing the same thing with his creative wits.

So tomorrow I begin my internship with my non-governmental organization named Grow Well Inc. I am anticipating it for a variety of reasons. Mostly, I really cannot wait until I meet more people and start working on a project. It was quite funny today... walking into town from the office of the local PC, we saw a big cruise ship docked. This thing was massive and their was a flood of americans in the city. For the first time, I was finding myself wishing they were not there! Ha ha... wow. All of the vendors were out in town trying to pursue the tourists to buy, buy, buy and it absolutely tickled my tummy to see these people eating it all up! Sad, but true. I know the locals look at me like I am a tourist too, but I live here now for christ's sakes! It is most likely going to take the whole two years to persuade the locals that I am here to stay and not just here for vacation...but I am actually working for them!

Hope all is well for everyone!

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