Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Great day

Everyone is really nice!! I am having a great time in Miami so far. Most of the new friends I have made though are going to St. Vincent :( Most of the other people staying in St. Lucia are elder, married, or have medical alerts in which the island can accomodate best to. Although, I already have a older couple (so cute!!!) that adopted me and Dezzy. Ha ha, already I have a family!

I managed to get six of us together to play a game of cribbage tonight. In which, only one other person knew how to play. Fun times! Funny enough, the team of two that neither had played before wooped our butts! Training is interesting, but very basic. I can't wait to get to St. Lucia... I'm so excited for the culture. I predict that I am going to fall in love with the islands and never come back. It's going to be tough work and I'm sure in a few blogs I will be saying the opposite and calling all of you crying out of loneliness and despair :P Overall, a very pleasant experience, even in as little as two days. I can see how I am going to be friends with these people for the two years and what I hear for the rest of our lives. Life is good for now.

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